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Setting up a Long Street Association

Long Street Association was initiated by Beerhouse owner Randolf Jorberg based on the experience of earlier initiatives and successful road closures. Read these two Weekend Argus articles on the motivation and development of Beerhouse and the Long Street Association.

Long Street is an iconic and popular part of the Central Cape Town City however the night-time economy is becoming problematic due to insufficient allocation of law enforcement officials. This is resulting in frequent criminal incidents and negative perceptions of Long Street forming. Setting up a Long Street Association will enable stakeholders (property & business owners) to contribute monthly amounts which will be allocated towards necessary infrastructure & personnel that currently can’t be provided by other agencies (CCID or CoCT).

The intention is to setup a self sustaining entity with various revenue streams (including government subsidies, EPWP etc). The Association will start with stakeholders from Upper Long Street (between Wale & Buitensingle Street) but it is not exclusively for this area. It will include Lower Long St once a sustainable organisation is established.

To start, the focus is on safety & security, paying for dedicated law enforcement for Upper Long Street, specifically on Friday & Saturday nights. They will address all by-law violations in the area.
This was initiated on 1 December 2015 with 10 dedicated Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) being deployed from Wednesday to Saturday nights (8pm to 6am).

Once the safety and security challenges have been addressed and improved the association will explore other approaches to improving Long Street both day & night.